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Why the Pens will win.

Posted on: May 28, 2009 7:41 pm
So here we are. After another long playoff grind we have come down to the same two teams. So the big question is will we have a repeat of last year with the Detroit Red Wings beating the Pittsburgh Penguins to take home yet another Stanley Cup CHampionship? Well you heard it here first, the answer is NO!! This year the favorite has to be the Pittsburgh Penguins with their combination of star power and role players, mixed with incredible, and very timely saves from former first overall pick Marc Andre Fleury. This year the Red Wings are limping into the final against a very healthy and on their game Penguin team. Look for this series to not go beyond 6 games. Detroit is a great team, but they took too much abuse in the long series against the Aneheim Mighty Ducks. The Ducks are a strong physical team and Detroit was lucky to slip by them. On the other side of things the Penguins also had a 7 game series in the 2nd round but it was nowhere it took nowhere near the toll on them that the Wings took in their series. The Penguins took that loss in the cup finals last yar very personally and will not allow it to happen again. I look forward to seeing the changing of the guard and watching a young hungry team in the Penguins raise the Stanley Cup triumphantly.  Crosby, Malkin, Staal, and Gonchar deserve to have their names engraved on it and its about time they do.
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